Pre-Seed vs Pre: Which One Should You Use?

Preseed vs PreTrying to conceive (TTC) is definitely a journey with a steep learning curve.  I never imagined how much there was to learn about both my cycle and how to increase the odds of getting pregnant.

One of the biggest surprises had to do with my lubricant.  It never occurred to me that the kind of lubricant my husband and I were using could be keeping us from our dream of having a family.  It turns out the right lubricant could be the missing piece to the TTC puzzle.

Ordinary lubricants actually keep the sperm from successfully reaching their final goal.  This happens because most lubricants actually create a hostile environment that stop the sperm dead in its tracks.  Because of this, I was so excited when I learned that there are actually lubricants that are TTC friendly and even increase your odds of getting pregnant.

Pre~Seed and Pre' are two fantastic options for lubricants that are specially designed to be fertility friendly and easy to use.

Pre~Seed is wonderful, once you try it you will never want to use anything else during the fertile time of your cycle.  I like that there is an applicator so that it isn't messy and that you can decide how much you want to use.  I have always been sensitive to many of the lubricants on the market, and I have to tell you that I have never had a reaction to Pre~Seed.  The magic of Pre~Seed is that it creates an extra wet and slippery path for the sperm that leads them right to the cervix.  The sperm can easily reach the finish line which increases your chances of becoming pregnant.

So then when would you use Pre'?  I would call Pre' your every day lubricant.  It is also fertility friendly, so you can use it during the remainder of your cycle and be confident that you are keeping yourself ready for your next baby making window of opportunity!

So if you are ovulating, grab the Pre~Seed.  For every other night, make sure your Pre' is close by! 


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