Plan Ahead.....Again!

A couple of months ago I told you about a new product that had just been developed to help women evaluate their viable egg supply. The product was called Plan Ahead and was created by the company, Repromedix. The test used a blood sample to assess a woman’s hormone levels, and then this information could be used to evaluate when is the best time to try to become pregnant. The goal is to outsmart the biological clock. :)

Well…. the Center for Assisted Reproduction (CAR) has just announced that they will be the first IVF center that will be using the Plan Ahead test. This medical center is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

If anyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and is interested in trying it out, here is what to do…
1. Purchase a Plan Ahead test either online at or at the
Center for Assisted Reproduction. ($350.00)
2. Have your blood drawn at CAR.
3. The blood sample is sent to Repromedix for evaluation.
4. The lab sends the results back to CAR.
5. You and your doctor meet to talk about your fertility plan.

I can’t wait to hear from folks as this test becomes more widely used in fertility centers around the world!

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