What is it?
PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a disorder that interferes with your metabolism. It does so by wreaking havoc with your hormones leading to high levels of sex hormones and insulin. The problem with this is that it causes problems that lead to fertility issues. It is a common problem that affects about 1 in 10 of women in the US, UK and Australia.

What are its symptoms?
Most of the time the symptoms of PCOS become noticeable to women in their late teens or 20s. The list of possible symptoms are:
- irregular periods
- infertility issues
- acne
- weight gain
- insulin resistance
- excess hair on your body
- thinning hair on your head

Women with PCOS also have higher than normal risks for high cholesterol, diabetes, strokes and uterine cancer.

How will my doctor test for PCOS?
There are 3 tests that can be used to diagnose PCOS. One test is to use the symptom check-list. Your doctor may be able to identify the condition just by this list. The second test is a blood test where they look at hormone levels related to the condition. And the third test is an ultrasound scan to look at your ovaries.

If you are struggling to become pregnant and feel like you may be suffering from PCOS, make sure you talk with your doctor.

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Im 21 years old as off today, and had bn diagnosed with pcos about almst a year & a hlf ago. i was totally scared!!! i had no idea what it was... i was sick almst for a year straight frm th medication that was treatin my thyroid Sad so i dun alot of research nd tried mst thngs to try help myself, nothing worked. ladies please note that "pcos canot be cured" BUT u can "live normal like other woman" nd treat symptoms at th sme time.. Smile i found this book "power over pcos" really helpful, answers mst yr questions, i suggest u shud get it..it explains everything u needa know about pcos!!!! & for diets,excercise,supplements etc. ths book "eat right for your type" by d'damo whch is basically eating food yr body recognisez!! another great book, it all mkes sense! so combining these books gainin' knowledge frm both, you honestly will feel btter within' yrself.. im livin' proof today & feelin' great! better thn i have been in years..i hope this will truly help woman arnd th world who thnk they have no way out nd who are sick of sufferin' like myself..dnt gve up hope Smile

Anonymous — Feb 01, 2012
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Hi its sarah and I have pcos I had clomid cfor 6 months but it dident work. So then I had drilling done on my ovuries just woundering if any one had it done and if they got pregnant

Anonymous — Jun 05, 2011
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I have as yet not been diagnosed with pcos , but i have eve. ry symptom. I have been back and forth to the doctors over the last 15 years an still nothing. I have in the past had cysts on my ovaries and endometriosis. My periods are heavy and painful, i have extremely bad facial hair , mood swings, the list goes on. Time to get it sorted.

Anonymous — Mar 04, 2011
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I was diagnosed to have pcos 2 years ago, I was told to take Diane-35 for 6 months and I did, so I had my monthly cycle though not on the same dates. Come October 2010, it was my 1st time to miss my period so I had my 2nd ultrasound, revealing that I still have PCOS. I was told to take Provera on days 16-21 of my cycle, (today is my 1st day). Will Provera increase my chance of getting pregnant? I started taking my basal body temperature yesterday to check if i am ovulating. What are the other methods I could use so I could conceive?

Anonymous — Nov 08, 2010
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