Is Ovulation Knocking at Your Door?

Ovulation DateFiguring out when you ovulate can be the most frustrating and exciting part of learning about your cycle.  It is more than frustrating if your cycles are irregular and you can’t seem to pinpoint the crucial 24-48 hours each month.  On the flip side it is soooooo exciting when you start noticing a pattern to your monthly cycle.  To be able to identify and use all of your body’s cues to identify ovulation gives you some control during this crazy TTC (trying to conceive) journey.

So how do you know if you are about to ovulate?

1.  BBT (Basal Body Temperature)-

If you are taking your temperature every morning when you wake up, you may start to see a pattern.  This is because the progesterone in your body will increase your body temperature right after you ovulate.  This raised body temperature will remain there until you start your period again.  So, once your temperature has increased about .4 degrees Fahrenheit, you know that you have probably ovulated.  And, if your temperature doesn’t increase after your predicted ovulation time, you may be pregnant! The bummer here is that since BBT temping identifies when ovulation occurs, it doesn’t help in telling you when you should be having sex in hopes of conceiving.  In addition, there are many factors that will make your temping patterns crazy; illness, medication, stress etc.

2.  LH Surge-

If you are using ovulation kits, they can help you determine when you are about to ovulate.  You use them in the same way that you would a pregnancy test, however the test will show when you have a LH surge not if you are pregnant.  The great thing here, is that you know when to hop to it for the next 24-48 hours in order to best use your time before ovulation.  

3.  Cervical Mucus-

If you are lucky, your cervical mucus will give you a heads up on when you are about to ovulate.  Your cervical mucus will change right along with your cycle.  For most women, you mucus cycle will look something like this:

Your period (3-7 days)

Dry, no mucus

Sticky, white/cloudy mucus

Wet, slippery, stretchy, egg white like mucus.

Sticky, white/cloudy mucus

Dry mucus

Your period

When you notice the wet, slippery, stretchy, egg white like cervical mucus, this is your body’s way of telling you that you are about to ovulate.  So this too would be another indicator of when you should make sure you are scheduling some baby making time!

If you are using all three methods for identifying ovulation, you will increase your chances of becoming pregnant.  However, if you have any concerns about your cycle and when or if you ovulate, definitely make an appointment with your doctor!


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