O+12= Girl!

How to have a baby girl  When you think of having a baby do you picture pigtails, fairy wings, pink sequin shoes, princess pajamas and tea parties?

 There are some folks who believe that if you have sex using the O+12 conception plan, that you will be holding a baby girl in your arms 9 months from now!

So what does the O+12 theory look like? The first and most important thing you need to know is when you ovulate. Once you have ovulated, this plan tells you to have sex 12 hours later. If you do this, believers say that you will end up with pink!

So….. O (ovulation) + 12 (hours) = girl.

Some people believe it is an old wives’ tale. There are others however who claim it works wonders!!! I don’t know if we will ever really know for sure, but it may be fun to give it a try to find out! :)


Me and my boyfriend is ttc. I would love a girl since he has a boy from a previous relationship. Has anybody ever tried this and it was actually a girl? Im going to try it.

WantToBeAMommy — Sep 30, 2013
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hi i ve a sweet baby girl 4yrs old n m planning for another baby n i wish i could get a baby boy.my last period held on 4th jan which finished on 7th jan'13 we had our relaton on 16th morn can we detect the sex of the baby n was it the right ovulation time.

Anonymous — Jan 17, 2013
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I have two boys and would like a girl my next period should be like march 9th or 10th. when should i try?

Anonymous — Mar 08, 2012
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I want to have a girl but not sure I understand the ovulation process .last period feb 15/2012

Anonymous — Mar 04, 2012
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I am trying to baby girl.my laast period was 9th november.when I conceive?

Rajika — Nov 24, 2011
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We have 4 boys, 1 girl and want another girl desperately. My last period was November 13th. When should we try for a girl?

Anonymous — Nov 14, 2011
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Trying for baby girl My last Period was on 24th Sep 2011.Which is the best time to try for girl

Anonymous — Sep 26, 2011
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i like girls only

BALA — Sep 21, 2011
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i want best girl friends

BALA — Sep 21, 2011
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OMG there are only questions in this section and no answers. Why dont you guys join the forum so that you all can get apt answers from fellow ttcers and pregnant ladies in there. Its always better to have a company and share your queries.

Swappy kris — Aug 26, 2011
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