New Guidelines For Egg Freezing


Egg freezing was originally put into place so that young women could have a chance at motherhood even though they may become infertile due to treatments related to disease and cancer.  It also has served the purpose of allowing women to postpone motherhood until after 35 years of age. Because of the very real chance of the eggs becoming damaged when thawed, the American Society For Reproductive Medicine (ARSM) reviewed the practice of freezing eggs and made some new recommendations. One recommendation was that the process should not be used to delay motherhood.  In fact, they believe that counseling for folks considering freezing their eggs should be mandated. During the counseling, the ARSM feels that the potential problems associated with freezing and thawing eggs should be stressed.  Again, they did feel as if the process was appropriate for those with illnesses that leave women with no other options for motherhood. At this point, freezing eggs is still considered an experimental procedure therefore is not considered medically necessary. To see the entire article:







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