New Fertility Procedure for Ovarian Cancer Survivors- Arms and Eggs!

Ovarian Cancer EggsAn exciting new procedure will be taking place in India next month!  They will be giving ovarian cancer survivors the opportunity to experience pregnancy and motherhood.

The plan is to collect tissue from ovarian cancer patients and to preserve it until after the women have finished their chemotherapy and radiation treatments. To begin with, tissue will be tested to make sure it is healthy and cancer cell free.   Then after getting the all clear and cancer free sign from their doctors, they will be able to move forward and try to add a new little one to their family.

For the procedure to be successful, the women will first have a piece of their preserved ovarian tissue transplanted into their forearm.  Then they will be given fertility drugs to help stimulate egg growth.  Within days, the women will notice small eggs growing under their skin, which will be promptly removed and saved for a round of IVF (in-vitro fertilization).  Doctors from the Army Hospital Research and Referral predict that this process from start to finish should only take 3-4 months.

For women who face early menopause and infertility due to cancer treatments, this is an exciting new option.  I can’t wait to hear more as the doctors move forward with their trial in January!


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