New Fertility Patch

If you are currently ttc (trying to conceive) and are receiving hormone injections, this new clinical trial may be of interest to you!
Dr. Michael Thomas is looking for women who are interested in trying out his new fertility patch. 
The patch is worn on the arm and releases a set amount of GnRH hormone every 90 minutes. The medicine is basically absorbed by the skin and eliminates the need for needles!
If you are interested in finding out more, you can contact Dr. Thomas at the UC Fertility website or you can call 513-584-4100.


I'm 49 trying to get pregnant I would like to know how this works to get prenant.
thank-you sis

Anonymous — Dec 23, 2013
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what you advice me to use to boots my hormone.
i am 43 years old and trying to have a baby, like to know more information on where to start and what to do before hand.
could you help

many thank's


dulce gomes — Sep 20, 2010
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