New Fertility Patch

Here is something new that may help women who are TTC in the near future!  

The University Hospitals are looking for women to take part in their clinical trial that tests their new fertility product, the Lutrepatch. During their trial, women would be asked to wear a patch for 21 days. They would need to be ready to receive a small shock every 90 minutes and to move the patch to different parts of their body every 12 hours.
I am sure you are wondering why women would be willing to sign up to be shocked every hour and a half, I know I was!! Here are the nuts and bolts according to Dr. James Lui of UH’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology…..
The shock occurs because of an electrical impulse that is released from the fertility patch. This impulse sends a dose of GNRH (gonadotrophin) into the body. This is desirable because it mirrors a similar and natural process that already occurs for women who are in their child bearing years. Normally, the brain automatically releases this hormone which is in turn responsible for stimulating the ovaries. The only difference with the patch is that the hormone is sent by way of an electrical current.
The belief is that because it is similar to the brain’s natural process of sending GNRH, that there is a reduced risk of multiple eggs being released during any given cycle. And this is important because it leads to fewer multiple births.
Although this product is a couple of years away from being on the market, the researchers are eager to have women try it out. That is why they are looking for 15 women who are of a normal weight, between the ages of 18-38, who have irregular cycles and are wanting to become pregnant to take part in the trial.
You can find out more by calling, 440-995-3810.




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