New Fertility Monitor

This sounds like another really exciting new product in the world of fertility! :)

The DuoFertility….that is the name of the new fertility monitor that was recently developed by Cambridge Temperature Concepts Limited (CTC).

This new monitor is different from the more traditional ovulation tests. Currently, women check for ovulation with a urine test and/or taking their temperature first thing in the morning.

DuoFertility is a tiny sensor that is attached to a stick-on patch that is worn under a woman’s arm. Throughout each day and night, the sensor is continually taking her temperature and compiling the data that can be retrieved by a digital hand-held reader. The beauty of this is that you can access your ovulation data anytime that you want to and are not bound by a specific time or schedule.

CTC is excited to try out their new product on 100 couples who are currently trying to become pregnant. Their study starts in July and they are expecting to release their product in 2009.
For more information:

I can’t wait to hear more about this product!!!!!!! :)

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