Myths and Misconceptions

Did you know that you can still get pregnant even if you are menopausal?

According to Jeremy Groll, the author of Fertility Foods, menopausal women have up to an 8 percent chance of becoming pregnant. This is because you can still ovulate even without a period. In fact, there is a study that shows that out of a group of 115 menopausal women, 8 became pregnant, and half showed evidence of ovulation.

This is just one of the many myths and misconceptions that Dr. Groll writes about in his book. Another myth has to do with the amount of time you should lay still after intercourse. I had always heard 30 minutes, but Dr. Groll says that it only takes 5 minutes for the sperm to reach their final destination, so there is no need to lie still beyond that!

Have you ever heard that you should take cough medicine if your cervical mucus is too thick? This too is a myth according to the doctor. He says that the cough medicine may thin out your mucus, however it does nothing to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Check back for more fertility myths and misconceptions according to Dr. Groll!

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