My Temperature Hasn’t Dropped, Could I Be Pregnant?

Yes! If you have been tracking your morning temperatures as part of your TTC (trying to conceive) plan, you have probably noticed that your temperature increases right after you ovulate.  This increase in temperature is because of the higher levels of progesterone present in the body after ovulation has occurred. After the progesterone levels fall again, so does your temperature.
However if you are pregnant, the body will try to maintain the elevated progesterone levels so that the pregnancy can mature. Because of this, doctors say that one sign of pregnancy is  a consistent rise in temperature for at least 18 consecutive days after ovulation. When this happens you will want to see your doctor and take a pregnancy test! It could be the BFP (big fat positive) you have been waiting for!
If you take a pregnancy test after 18 days of an elevated temperature and it is a BFN (big fat no), you will want to touch base with your doctor as well. There are other medical conditions such as ovarian cysts that can cause irregular patterns in temperature cycles.


Hi, I have a very regular cycle and I was supposed to get my period last saturday but I still haven't got it. I'm taking my temp daily and checking my cervical fluid because we don't want to get pregrant yet. Also my temp doesn't rise it just says the same. I haven't had any of the symptoms of pregrancy but I have been having the cramps I get when I have my period.

Anonymous — Jan 20, 2012
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I'm 31 years old, been married for 4 years, and we've been trying to conceive for 3 years - the first year we just didn't use protection, and the following 2 years have been more intentional. I have had 3 pregnancies, spring of '08, winter of '10, and June of '10, all ending in miscarriages before the 7th week.
Out of frustration because of highly transient doctors at my hospital, I sought out TCM treatments and have been on herbs for 3 months to improve my cycles. I do have poly-cycsts, but have not been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. They have dramatically improved and my cycles have shortened from 35, to 33, to 31 days. My temps are still a bit erratic, and lower than normal.
This month, for the first time ever, I believe I experienced ovulation bleeding mid-cycle on day 20. Our timing was good. Now I'm on day 42 of my cycle, still haven't started, and keep getting negative test results. I'm trying really hard to be patient, and am okay with whichever outcome, but this gray area is making me a bit crazy. I am a woman of faith so I am also trying to just trust in God amidst all of this.
I have some pregnancy symptoms - tender breasts, bloating, lower back ache, and today I actually gagged from nausea. I'd like to either get a positive test result or move on to the next month of trying.
Has anyone else ever experienced something similar to my story? What was your outcome?

Anonymous — Sep 17, 2011
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sorry due on 14dpo

Anonymous — Jul 26, 2011
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what if you have light bleeding at 11dpo-12dpo (currently 12dpo ) with a temp of 99.9° my af is due on july 28. also having heat flashes cramps sore breast.

Anonymous — Jul 26, 2011
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Hi i'd love help right now.I've been having breast pain, back pain, sometimes stomach pains some smells get me feeling sick..I was suppose to start my period a day/2 ago i've been regular since I started my I pregnant?when could I take a test? help please! thank you

Anonymous — Mar 19, 2011
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