A Must Read Interview About Male Infertility

I just read a wonderful interview of a now dad who talks openly and honestly about his journey with infertility.  His writing has a gentle and loving spirit to it, making you want to read more.  The dad, Denny Ceizyk has now done a number of interviews and is being sought out by RESOLVE to include his fertility memoire as part of their support resources.

The topics that Denny covers are:

  • Why do men seek out and/or receive less support than women in terms of infertility?
  • How does male infertility impact self esteem and self image?
  • How supportive was he to his wife when she thought she was the one with fertility problems?
  • How involved was he in the fertility treatment process?
  • Words of advice for others suffering from infertility.
  • What was the impact of infertility on his sex life?
  • Was all the pain and inconvenience worth it?

Here is the link to the full interview.  For couples experiencing infertility, especially men, it is a must read.  Enjoy!






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