Mother's Day Dreams

TTC Mothers DayAlthough I think about it every day, on Mother’s Day it is more emotionally raw for me.  During the weeks leading up to the big day, we are inundated with commercials, cards and store displays of moms and their babies.  They seem to surround us, follow us, mock us……… torture us.

It is a constant reminder that another Mother’s Day is going to pass without a little one to hold, cuddle, kiss and love.  The still ever present hole in a mom’s heart.

It is hard not to close your eyes and imagine a little girl in pig tales sneaking into the bedroom Mother’s Day morning holding a single flower she has picked from the yard and a card she has made all on her own. She jumps in the bed and snuggles in close, whispering “Happy Mother’s Day, I love you!” It is a picture that burns on your brain and fills you heart up until it feels like it will burst. 

Then you open your eyes and you know that it is all a dream.  And although it is a dream, it is and important one.  It is the dream that keeps you trying month after month to become pregnant.  It is the dream that helps remind you to take your temperature every morning, obsessively chart and test for ovulation and gives you the strength and courage needed to get through the two week wait every month. 

It is the dream that tells you that in the end, it will all be worth it!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the veteran moms, new moms, moms-to-be and those who will continue to put their whole heart into making sure that they too can celebrate with a new little one next Mother’s Day!!!!!


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