More Fertility Myths and Misconceptions

Here are some more myths and misconceptions according to Dr. Jeremy Groll MD, the author of Fertility Foods.

Boxers or Briefs? I have always heard that if you are trying to conceive, that your spouse should wear boxers instead of briefs. According to Dr. Groll, your spouse can wear whatever is most comfortable :) . He says it is true that heat does impact sperm production, however according to a popular clinical study of 97 men; sperm production was not compromised by wearing briefs. So boxers or briefs? Either!

Lubricants that are “sperm friendly”? No such luck according to Dr. Groll. He sites a study where lubricants that called themselves “sperm friendly” were tested. They used K-Y Jelly, Astroglide, Replens, Touch and two vegetable oils and then looked at how they interacted with sperm. All the lubricants impacted sperm motility by at least 60%. He found that saliva was also unfriendly to sperm. The one oil that didn’t seem to negatively impact the sperm was canola.

So to sum it up……… say yes to briefs and no to lubricants!

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