Did you know that cinnamon could be an important part of your fertility plan?

Cinnamon is a wonderful way to improve your insulin resistance levels. This is so important when you are trying to become pregnant, because it is this process that helps the body regulate your blood sugar levels. Without healthy blood sugar levels, your body is out of balance and often times leads to infertility issues.

If you already suffer from PCOS, having poor insulin resistance levels is of great concern because PCOS is a condition that already makes it hard for the body to use insulin in a healthy way.

Why does cinnamon help with insulin resistance? The theory is that the cinnamon may make cells sensitive to insulin. When this happens, digestion slows and the sugar levels in food do not enter the bloodstream as quickly.

In fact, there was s study done at Columbia University that found that women who included 1 gram of cinnamon a day greatly improved their insulin resistance levels after only 8 weeks.

Yet another easy way to get your body fertility ready!

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