Miscarriage and Age

Have you ever wondered if your chances of having a miscarriage increase as you get older? The hard truth is that they do…..
Doctors report a 20% miscarriage rate for women in their 20s. However, it jumps up to 40 % for women in their 40s.
There are a couple of reasons for the higher miscarriage rate among older women. One is that as you get older, so do your eggs. One of the problems with older eggs is that they have a greater chance of causing a chromosomal abnormality in the embryo. When this happens, the body rejects the pregnancy, resulting in a miscarriage. Another reason is that older women have fewer egg follicles. The egg follicles are essential for producing the ovarian hormones needed to maintain a pregnancy. The fewer the follicles, the lower the hormone production; and this scenario results in a higher risk of miscarriage.
So, if you are an older TTC (trying to conceive) mom, check with your doctor on how to best stack the healthy pregnancy odds in your favor!!


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