Men........Eat Your Veggies!

If you are trying to get pregnant, make sure your husband/partner is eating his greens!!!

In a study done by the University of Rochester, scientists found a correlation between male fertility and their consumption of fruits and vegetables. In the study they compared the diets of 48 infertile men, with the diets of 10 recent fathers. What they found was that in the infertile men group, 83% of the men ate little or no fruits and veggies. In the group of recent fathers, only 40% were lacking fruits and veggies from their diets.

Another important finding was that those men who ate the fewest fruits and vegetables, also had the lowest sperm motility.

Scientists believe that it is the antioxidants in these foods that help give healthy sperm a boost and prevent potential sperm damage.

So men, keep snacking on those fruits and veggies!!!!!! :)

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