Medication and Fertility


Could the medication that you are taking be the reason for why you have not gotten pregnant? 

 The answer is yes, according to doctors!

The ibuprofen that many of us use is one of the medications that you should stay away from if you are TTC (trying-to-conceive). It can cause irregular ovulation and also negatively impact implantation. There are some doctors who also believe that because of havoc it can cause with ovulation and implantation, that it also is responsible for some miscarriages as well. 
Antihistamines are also another drug that you should avoid while TTC. They change the consistency of your cervical mucus, making it not sperm friendly. In addition, another side effect of this drug (that is common in many cough, cold and allergy medicines), may be that the embryo is not able to implant. This happens when changes in the body create an unfriendly environment for the sperm, egg and embryo.
There are also many other medications that keep your body from being fertility friendly. So, if you are struggling to conceive, make sure you discuss any medications (both prescribed and over the counter) with your fertility doctor!


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