May Your Ova Shine Bright

If your husband is producing too few sperm cells, you may want to try to become pregnant using “ICSI”…..intracytoplasmic sperm injection. During this procedure, healthy sperm cells are taken from the testicular tissue and then injected into the ova.

Up until now, doctors chose the ova randomly and everyone crossed their fingers that they were the most optimal ovum options. There has been no way to know for sure, except to wait and see if they develop in a healthy manner.

The ability to increase the odds of successfully injecting an ova that will mature and grow was just discovered by scientists and the University of Bonn. These researchers also worked with colleagues from China.

The exciting new product is software that doctors can use in conjunction with their DIC microscope. Using this new software, doctors can look for the best ova to use. And amazingly, what they are looking for are ova that appear to be a luminescent orange-red ring. The brighter the ring is and the more consistently it shines, the greater the chance for it to develop into a baby.

In the related study, the researchers looked at 124 women, and found that when using this procedure of determining the best quality ova; they were 2 times as likely to become pregnant.

You can find out more about their story in the journal of “Reproductive Biomedicine.”

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