Male Infertility May Be Caused By A Missing Protein

Male Infertility CausesThe protein called DEFB126 is proving to solve some mysteries of male infertility.

This all important protein has the important job of providing a protective coating on the sperm cells so that they can easily make their way to their final destination, the egg.  If this protein is missing, the sperm is attacked by the women’s immune system, keeping most of the sperm from successfully moving along the women’s reproductive tract. One could say that they become dead in their tracks.

This new finding is HUGE news in the world of infertility.  To begin with, researchers believe that this may account for one third of all males experiencing infertility issues.  Secondly, doctors will now be able to test for this protein and then use the results to come up with a plan for conception.  The conception plan would most likely be to not ask the sperm to travel along the women’s reproductive tract and instead use a fertility procedure such as in-vitro fertilization or IUI to achieve pregnancy.


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