A Look Into the Future!

When we hear of medical transplants, we often think of a heart or liver, but doctors today are working on another transplant challenge…..the uterus!

The director of gynecologic oncology at the New York downtown Hospital is interested in pursuing a study that transplants healthy wombs into women wanting to become pregnant. He sees many women who either don’t have a uterus or their uterus is compromised in some way. With the hospital’s consent, he has started screening for women willing to take part in his study and the transplant surgery.

A similar study was completed in the year 2000 by doctors in Saudi Arabia. They were able to successfully transplant a human womb that was healthy and functioning for 3 months before failing. Then in 2003 in Sweden, healthy babies were born from mice that had had the womb transfer surgery.

And although Dr. Del Priore knows that he is a long way away from successfully transferring a human womb that would lead to a healthy baby, he is excited about the possibility. Amazing!!!!

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