Learn About Female Infertility With Your ABCs

Female infertilityIf you have been trying to conceive for what feels like forever, you have probably spent hours asking yourself, “Why can’t I get pregnant?”  For some, there are specific medical answers.  But for many others, the best they get from their doctor is an “unexplained fertility” diagnosis. 

After receiving a diagnosis such as this, it is easy to jump on the internet and Google everything you can find about infertility. 

In one of those obsessively manic searches, I stumbled upon the following article, The ABCs of Female Infertility.  The author addresses 26 possible reasons why those TTC (trying to conceive) have not yet been able to add a new little bundle to their family.

The post lists the topic and then some related information, so it ends up being very informative!

Here are the first few to get you started:

A-    Age

B-    Blood Clotting Disorders

C-    Cancer and treatments

D-    Diabetes

To read more, check out this link:





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