Laptops and Fertility

We have all heard that men should stay away from hot tubs, baths and saunas while they are trying to conceive a baby. Now we can add laptop computers to that list as well!   Scientists agree that an increase in temperature of only 1 degree Celsius can reduce the production of healthy sperm up to 40 percent. 

In the journal of Human Reproduction, fertility researchers at the State University of New York found that after an hour of using their laptops on their laps, the temperature of their testicles increased by a median of 2.6-2.8 degrees Celsius.  

They made sure to control how the men were sitting, the clothes they were wearing, and the type of computer that was used. 

And although the researchers didn’t make any recommendations based on their findings, I would guess that if men are trying to conceive, they should make sure to use their laptops on tables and not in their laps! :)   



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