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A group of doctors in South Wales just began a program aimed at helping women who are planning to postpone motherhood into their 30’s.

It is called the “My Body Clock” project, and its goal is to evaluate the quantity and quality of a woman’s eggs throughout her childbearing years. It consists of a blood test and internal scan of the ovaries. If it looks as if the ovaries or eggs are beginning to decline in any way, the doctors will suggest a fertility plan.

Most often they will suggest to women that they should not wait to try and become pregnant. However it is not possible, they will encourage women to either freeze their eggs or take drugs to stimulate the ovaries.

Interestingly, they say that the trend is for healthy, professional women to wait until their 30’s to have a baby. In fact, recent surveys show that 20% of all moms to be, wait until they are over 35 to become pregnant.

More statistics that caught my eye were that a healthy 30 year old has a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month. And……as women reach 40 years old, their chances drop to about 5%.

So…..their final message was to not wait to become pregnant and for women to get their egg supply and ovaries checked regularly!

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