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Have you ever had a doctor, family member or friend say to you, “Just relax and then you will get pregnant!” If only it were that easy!!! Those trying to conceive know that the journey to pregnancy is all consuming and hits you at a heart and gut level. You can’t “just relax,” it is not possible! In addition, with each month of charting, arranging productive time during your most fertile days, fertility tests and fertility treatments, your stress level starts to go through the roof. 
That being said, it is important to find something that does help you relax. Many women are turning to holistic options to help. Prenatal yoga and acupuncture are two of the more popular ways that women are trying and regulate their stress levels.
It also looks like there is research to support the importance of stress management while ttc (trying to conceive).  At a recent American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in Atlanta, fertility specialists spoke about this very topic.
One researcher from Harvard Medical School found that when looking at the IVF success rates at a fertility center in Boston, it was clear that stress management was the key to becoming pregnant. Dr. Dormar found that when women who were trying to get pregnant through IVF also took part in their stress management program, their chances of becoming pregnant sky rocketed! In fact, the numbers show that there was a 160 percent greater chance of becoming pregnant when compared to women who were just opting for the IVF procedure on its own.
The study also showed that a stress reduction doesn’t have to be time consuming. In fact, the relaxation sessions presented were only 10 minutes in length! Interestingly enough though, the program didn’t have a huge impact on the women during their first IVF cycle. It was with the women who went ahead with a second IVF cycle that saw the increased numbers of pregnancies. 
The message here is that it takes time for the body and mind to settle. So find something that is relaxing for you and indulge!!!!


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