IVF and Acupuncture

I thought this study would be of interest since we have chatted about the use of acupuncture on the community boards!!!

In past studies, acupuncture had been viewed as a positive counterpart to IVF. However, in a study published by BJOG (An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology) they have found the opposite results.

In this study, researchers from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London completed 13 trials using acupuncture during different stages of the IVF procedure. All together there were 2,500 women involved in the study.

In 5 of the trials, the researchers looked at the use of acupuncture during the time of egg retrieval. These trials showed that there was no increase in pregnancy rates when compared with women who did not use acupuncture.

The remaining 8 trials focused on the use of acupuncture during the time of embryo transfer. And again, there was no significant increase in successful pregnancies when compared to those who did not use acupuncture.

The researchers in this study are not sure why there are studies that support acupuncture when their meta-study clearly does not. At a minimum, they suggest that doctors rethink recommending acupuncture to their IVF patients.

The researchers are also eager to continue studying this area to learn more about the impact or lack of impact of acupuncture on fertility and conception.

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