Is an IUI a Good Option?

Are you finished with hormone therapy but not quite emotionally or financially ready for IVF?  If so, for many folks IUI is a great option!

Intrauterine Insemination or IUI, is a procedure where the strongest and healthy sperm are washed and then inserted into the uterus at the time of ovulation. 

This procedure often works better than regular sex because normally only a few sperm successfully make it all the way to the uterus and onto the fallopian tubes.  With an IUI, they get a VIP escort to the uterus so that they have a better chance for fertilization.

When doctors evaluate for potential IUI candidates, they are looking for women with a healthy uterus, open fallopian tubes and who are able to ovulate on their own or with ovulation stimulating medications.  Men need to produce enough healthy sperm to put into the wash.  The sperm need to be strong in size, shape, numbers and movement.  If your partner’s sperm is not stellar, your doctor may suggest the option of a sperm donor.

There are some common fertility related problems that can most often be solved with IUI. Among them are; lack of or inconsistent cervical mucus, mild endometriosis or struggles with basic ovulation. All of these fertility issues can keep you seeing that BFN (big fat no) month after month.

The process is a lot cheaper than IVF and fairly straight forward.  You just need to work with the doctors to pinpoint ovulation, schedule the procedure during ovulation, collect the strong sperm and get it ready for the transfer, inject the sperm into the uterus and cross your fingers that the fertilization occurs when you meet for your follow up after the IUI!

If you are a good candidate, it may be a nice option before trying IVF!


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