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Earlier this month, a man named Mike Kuzminski became known to us because of something remarkable he did in the world of fertility.

Mike had been diagnosed with cancer 23 years ago, so he decided to freeze some of his sperm before he began treatment. He was only 18 years old when he had been given the diagnosis and for three years he fought to get rid of the cancer once and for all.

Fast forward to Mike at the age of 43…… he is cancer free AND a father. After 22 years in storage, Mike was able to use his frozen sperm to become a dad. His story is of particular interest because the successful implantation of his 22 year old sperm is the oldest on record!!

Ironically enough, he had forgotten all about it, and it was his sister that reminded him of what he had done with his sperm so many years before. His story has given way to a debate among doctors in regards to how long frozen sperm should be kept before considering it abandoned.

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