It's National Infertility Awareness Week!

It's National Infertility Awareness Week! 

A website to check out during this week is  If you are new to their site, you will be in for a real treat!  This non profit organization came to be in 1974.  Their main goal is to promote reproductive health and to support those who are struggling to become pregnant.

The site is loaded with information and resources for both those who are new to the world of infertility and for those who have been battling infertility over a period of time.

Since it is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), they have additional opportunities on their website.  When you pull up the site, scroll down and you will find the link for NIAW.  After you open the page, you will see a plethora of information and interactive areas to explore. 

Some of the things you are able to do are:

  • Enter your zip code and find local infertility related events, conferences and classes
  • Add the story of your infertility journey
  • Read the stories of others
  • Read the blogs of everyone who was part of the Don't Ignore Infertility Bloggers Unite program.
  • Start a blog
  • Find out more about the Walk of Hope events
  • Learn more about Advocacy Day (Wednesday, April 25th)

This is just a small look at the information available to us on the RESOLVE site.  It is definitely worth checking out!


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