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An interesting article in the March 12th issue of the Columbia Missourian Newspaper…..

In the article, a local elementary school teacher was interviewed about her experience with fertility treatment and medical insurance.

The story was that she and her husband had waited until their late twenties to have children because they both wanted to focus on other things early in their marriage. Then when they did decide to start a family, they tried for 3 years without any success. Because of their struggle, they decided to get evaluated and visited their doctors for fertility testing. Fortunately, their medical insurance paid for these tests, but the couple was surprised and upset to find out that none of their artificial insemination would be covered.

They decided to contact their local legislator to tell him of their frustration with the fertility coverage in their medical plan. Amazingly, their legislator used their information to write and sponsor a bill that would make in-vitro fertilization and artificial insemination covered by insurance. The bill is currently pending in the House Health Insurance Committee.

It is however meeting resistance from the insurance agencies, as you can imagine. They see the fertility procedures as optional, and therefore should not fall under the funded category.

It will be interesting to watch what happens with this as well as the discussion that follows it!

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