Implantation Bleeding


If you are TTC (trying to conceive), you are most likely paying close attention to the changes in your body throughout your cycle.  It is often small changes such as sore breasts or abdominal twinges that give us a gut feeling that we may be pregnant, even before the pregnancy test confirms it for us.


One pregnancy indicator can actually be spotting or light bleeding 5-10 days after ovulation.  At first you may think you are about to get your period a week early, but it will never fully show itself.  Instead, you will notice a pinkish discharge after you wipe.  This usually only happens for 1-3 days and can be confusing or alarming to some women.


However, this may be implantation spotting/bleeding, and it happens to about 20% of all women who go on to become pregnant. The spotting occurs when the embryo imbeds itself into the uterine wall. 


So if you notice some very light, mid-cycle bleeding, you may be on your way to a BFP (big fat positive)!


I finished my period, the 5th of december a week later, 2 days after that I started bleeding again light red not heavy but not a normal period for me it lasted 5 days... I have taken 3 test already all showed negative, but im showing signs of being pregnant and im a week away from my next due date for my period... Is it possible that I am pregnant and just not showing up on a test yet?

Anonymous — Dec 23, 2013
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Ok so i got my period last month (2-12-2013) and it was a regular period.i have a regular cycle (every 28 days) me and my hubbie have sex on a regular i was supposed 2 get my period on march 12th and didnt see it til 2day which is da 17th and its not really like a period becuz im just spottin but normally i bleed heavy i have been having all the pregnancy symptoms .i have never missed my period unless i was pregnant and i have never been late either...could i be pregnant...some one plz confused

Anonymous — Mar 17, 2013
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Am 25,had my last period on 22march, lasted for 7 days and I was expecting my next period on 19april,but on 28/04/2012 had a light spot on my pantie, i feel no pains too am I pregnant...

Anonymous — Apr 28, 2012
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I'm a bit confused and a bit flustered ... my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for some time now. I've had some symptoms. Dizziness, nausea with no vomitting, backache, bloating, hungry all the time, foosebump like bumps on my aeraolas, I keep seeing veins all over me, especially on my cheat, thighs and arms, gas, breasts are soft and tender, underarms are sensitive, been really weepy and irritable lately. I've taken pregnancy tests and they've all come out negative. I was supposed to get my period on the 21st this last month (october). Well, it didn't show. Then the 22nd I was spotting. Was nothing at all like a normal period. Lasted about 6 days. Brownish reddish in color. In September I got a 3 day period instead of a 5 day period. I just don't know what to make of it. Am I pregnant or not? Never had these weird symptoms before... and each test I take comes out negative. What is the deal?

Kelly W. — Nov 07, 2011
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on july12th thru 17th i had my period me n my partner had sex everyday durin n after that time n in aug on the 15th i bleed dark for about 24 hours n then on aug 18 i was spotting light mucuosy blood n light pink when i wiped now n sept i didnt get my period for the month n im gainin weight havin cramps mood swings n always sleepy but n late july i thought i was sick wit a virus but i was thrown up 4 about a wk yellow stuff n still now every smell gets me nauseated itoke 4 test 2 pos n 2 neg im i pregnant

mimi — Sep 22, 2011
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I have a comment to make. I am confused. I have been prone to have miscarriages at four months. I had sex unprotected with the hopes of getting pregnant. Here is my problem. I missed my regular period and two days after it was supposed to come I had me some slight spotting. Which stopped. For my regular period it is unusual for me to get the normal symptoms. It justs comes when it is supposed to.I feel something running and it starts until it ends. The next day I got some spottinh wirth some dark brown blood which smelt funny strange and I went sleep and woke up and it was still the same way. That would have been day 24 of my cycle when it happened. My cycle lasts for 27- 28 days. I was like wow. Now I am thinking if this is my third day. The bleeding is bright red but light. For these three days I had to used two pads which just contain spots. The pain has been excruciating, the dizziness, back pain,nausea n hunger. My breasts r tender n full. My nipples r swollen n tender to touch. My nipples have dark lines around them. Upwards to the 27th July these symptoms started n when I have a regular period I get no symptoms at all. I just don't know. I am wondering what is wrong. The problem with me are that when I take pregnancy tests even when I was pregnant before they were negative well into the 4th month. I am strange yes but these symptoms are way strange. Do you think I should wait n seee because I keep tabs on my cycle month by month so I know what to expect. I have not put on weight nor have been stressed. I really want to be pregnant again this time. I am afraid. Can some one after implantation lose a fetus?

Anonymous — Aug 06, 2011
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Hi im new to this and would really like some help to put my mind at ease, i had my last cycle on the 18/05/2011 and finished on 24/05/2011 since the 26/05/2011 me and my partner have been having unprotected sex for about 1 month i was due my cycle on 15/06/2011 but was 2 days late i started bleeding on 18/06/2011 but its not like my normal cycle and its quite light ,my breast have got bigger been feeling dizzy some times and have been sick a couple times. i done a test but was negative could i be pregnant would be grateful if some 1 could help Smile thank u .

Anonymous — Jun 19, 2011
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I recently underwent tubal reversal surgery, and my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. My period came early on the 10th of June; I wasn’t supposed to start until the 15th. I had heavy bleeding for 2days and now I’m spotting. My period normally lasts for 5-6 days. I took a pregnancy test on the 2nd of June and it was negative. Can I be pregnant anyway?

Anonymous — Jun 14, 2011
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I had my last period on april 16 then had intercourse on the 26 I did a blood test on may 9 (Bfn) could it have been to early to test?.. and could I still be pregnant?............I also had pms symptoms for about 12 days after the intercourse and then nothing (soar breast mild cramps gas back ache and just really feeling as if becoming pregnant) mind you I never get pms symptoms in the middle of my cycle though I haven't missed a period as of yet I just really want to be on point because I had a chemical pregnancy two months ago which was my very first pregnancy Sad me and my husband really want to have a baby but don't wanna act like rabbits just to conceive we want it to be a calm situation. Please answer my 2 questions. Good day.

Anonymous — May 13, 2011
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I have been having sex since January 2, 2011 and I had received my last menstrual cycle on January 27, 2011. Therefore, I still been having sex after that and I am having food cravings for liver and other foods that I had nevered eaten in my life. I am now currently experiencing bleeding that I am suppose to have my period on February 27, 2011, but I had sex the whole month of february. Especially, around February 12 to the 14, and there after on the weekends. My breast are extremely sore, nausea, slight lower abdominal pains, but nothing like my menses starting every month. I am not quite sure on what to do.

Anonymous — Feb 28, 2011
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