I Am Still Not Pregnant, Could It Be Endometriosis?


Did you know that 50% of all women experiencing infertility issues can blame it on endometriosis? 

I have many friends who suffer from endometriosis and endure the intense pain and heavy bleeding that accompanies their period each month. What I didn’t realize though is that there is another group of women who do not have any physical symptoms at all! For these women, the only reason that their doctor may suspect endometriosis is because even though they have been actively trying for many months, they have not become pregnant.
Another interesting fact about endometriosis is that the severity of the symptoms doesn’t necessarily determine the severity of the condition. There are many women who have terrible cramping and bleeding, yet are diagnosed with only a mild case of endometriosis. The flip side is true as well. Women who don’t have any symptoms can end up being diagnosed with severe endometriosis.
Nezhat, a gynecologist at the El Camino Hospital, also believes that 2/3 of all women who suffer from endometriosis have had some symptoms since before the age of 20. So, if you are struggling to conceive, you many want to look back at your monthly cycles and share any concerns with your doctor.
The light at the end of the tunnel here though is that most women diagnosed with endometriosis are able to seek treatment and go on to become pregnant!!


Well I am 37 years of age, and my husband and I have been trying to conceive sinc April of 2010. At this point I have suffered wait gain and the waiting, but aunt flow had always ome late or right on time. Now I have given up and hope after Thursday night we have not conceive because I have just started my diet by taken the lipo shot and the apex pill in which I'm taking now.

Anonymous — Jan 02, 2012
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pls i need your help. i see my monthly period on the 2/1/2011, and uptil now i have not seen it. what is the cause. am i pregnant.

Anonymous — Feb 11, 2011
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