I am spotting mid-cycle, help!

If you are spotting mid-cycle, you may be experiencing implantation spotting.

Implantation spotting is the first indication that you may be pregnant!!!!!!!! The spotting happens when the blastocyst connects to the uterine wall. And the implantation is important because it is responsible for providing the initial nutrients to the fetus. Later however, the placenta will jump in and take over in providing what is needed.

But how will you know that you are experiencing implantation spotting?????

About 10 days after conception, you will notice a couple of days of minor pinkish bleeding. You will most likely not have cramps or feel any pain during this time.

Many women miss this first sign of pregnancy because the implantation spotting often happens very close to the onset of her period.

So……..if you are trying to become pregnant, here is wishing you successful implantation spotting! :)

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You can spot mid cycle as I did
And I am very much so pregnant Smile

Anonymous — Mar 30, 2012
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Hi I had my period as normal last month which usually last 5-7 days, yet roughly 10 days later I had spotting. Please help as I don't know what this means

Anonymous — Feb 14, 2012
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Your not going to spot mid cycle, you'll spot towards the end when your about to have your period.

Anonymous — Mar 29, 2010
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