Hypnopuncture for FertilityHave you been thinking about adding acupuncture or hypnosis to your fertility treatment plan?  If so, there is a great opportunity for those of you in the Vancouver BC area!

James Schwartz will be offering a free seminar on the topic of Hypnopuncture and fertility.  Schwartz is both the author of The Mind-Body Fertility Connection and a practicing fertility-hypnosis expert.

Hypnopuncture is the term that is now being used for the newest treatment option in the world of fertility.  It is the use of hypnosis in conjunction with acupuncture. 

The theory behind the therapy is that stress and depression cause blocks in the mind and body that keep you from becoming pregnant. The belief is that stress can wreak havoc on the neuroendocrine system and throw the fertility related hormones out of balance.  When this happens, practitioners believe that a woman’s cycle is compromised.

At his point, the worst case scenario is that the eggs are not viable or are simply not released when they should be.  Either way, these changes lead to problems with implantation and possible pregnancy. 

The appeal of hypnotherapy is that these combined treatments focus on releasing the negative blocks and allowing the mind and body to become poised and ready for pregnancy. 

If you are in the Vancouver area, you may want to check out this FREE 1 day event.


The Mind-Body Connection

Thursday, September 15th

7:00-9:00 PM

950 West 41st Ave (Gallery Room)

Vancouver Jewish Community Center


You can register at www.acubalance.ca or call (604) 678-8600.

Even if you are not able to attend the class and you have been struggling with infertility or have had multiple miscarriages, you may be interested in checking out Schwartz’s book, The Mind-Fertility Connection.

I am going to try to find a copy and will let you know how it is! 


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