How Much Weight Do I Need To Lose?

5-10%, those are the magic numbers according to researchers from the University of Sheffeild. 
Their study looked at the effects of weight loss for 40 obese women who wanted to become pregnant, but couldn’t because they were not ovulating. Most of these women were in their late 20’s, had a BMI of about 40 and also suffered from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).
For their weight loss plan, the women were given either orlistat or metformin and 12 weeks to see how much weight they could lose. For those who stuck to the study guidelines, all were able to lose at least 5% of their body weight.
And there were other great rewards as well!! To begin with, those that lost just 5% of their body weight actually gained 19% in increased blood flow to the womb. The reason being that with weight loss there is better circulation. And with improved circulation comes ovulation!!!!! This happens because the increased blood flow and circulation allows the eggs to be easily released and sent on their way to their final destination- the womb.
So the message is………………. Even losing just a small amount of weight can help to regulate ovulation and in turn help you to become pregnant!!!!!!


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