How Much Do You Know About Infertility?

  • Can your fertile days vary from month to month?
  • What can make your ovulation irregular?
  • What can BBT predict for you?
  • How long should you wait after taking birth control pills to start trying to get pregnant?
  • How long do sperm live?
  • How often should you have sex while TTC?
  • Are there certain sexual positions special to TTC?
  • Can smoking keep you from getting pregnant?
  • How common is infertility?
  • Do men or women suffer more from infertility issues?
  • How often are women having their first child after the age of 35?
  • How long should you wait before seeing a fertility specialist?


I just finished taking a fast and fun on-line quiz about fertility. I was actually surprised at a couple of the answers.  Check it out!


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