How Do You Choose the Best Pregnancy Test?

best pregnancy testSo you have all the symptoms of pregnancy; swollen breasts, fatigue, food cravings and you experienced what you think is implantation bleeding on your 8th day after ovulation.  It is the moment you have been waiting for……

Which is the best pregnancy test to use?

There are so many to choose from, each meeting a different testing need.  For me, I am POAS’oholic (pee on a stick), so I like to use the inexpensive ones that you find online.  Then there is decision of selecting tests at different sensitivity levels. 

You could probably guess that when I am ready to test, I like to use those that are the most sensitive.  Now a days you can find pregnancy tests that will identify hGC levels as low as 20 miu/ml and as early as 7 days past ovulation. 

I have other friends who are patient and have lots of self control. J  They are able to wait it out until after they miss their period and then use a test that is not as sensitive.  Others  like to test more infrequently and purchase the more expensive testing options that let you read the word “pregnant” or “not pregnant.” 

For me, I have a hard time when the word, “not pregnant” pops up.  I feel like it is so final and I tend to take the heartbreak much harder then when I use the test strips for some reason.

Maybe what I need the pregnancy test to say is, “I am so sorry, you are not pregnant yet, but don’t give up hope!”

What kind of pregnancy tests do you prefer to use?


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