How Do You Check Your Cervical Mucus While TTC?

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If you are new to TTC (trying to conceive), you are probably reading everything you can get your hands on to give yourself the best chance of becoming pregnant.  You may have even started using ovulation kits and BBT temping each morning to try and nail down the most fertile days of your cycle. 

Of all the TTC tricks though, I think that checking your cervical mucus is sometimes the most intimidating and/or confusing.  Some women are blessed with very predicable mucus that is plentiful and easy to decipher.  Others have bodies' that don't produce much mucus and have a hard time telling the difference between their fertile and infertile mucus.  It is definitely an ovulation indicator that doesn't work for everyone.

However, if you have been wanting to start keeping track of your cervical mucus but didn't know how to start, the following video may be a great resource.  The video explains the basic changes in your mucus throughout your cycle and how to go about checking your mucus.  In addition, she shows pictures of her fertile, infertile and transitional mucus.

Be warned, the presentation is pretty dry.  But it is very informative and a great introduction to TTC and cervical mucus. 

Hope you enjoy the video!


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