How Do CCS, Fast Cooling Vitrification and ICSI Increase Your Chances For Pregnancy?

CCS- Comprehensive Chromosome Screening

ICSI- Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

If you are looking into IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization), you may want to ask your doctor about the following procedures.  New studies are showing amazing IVF success rates when using a combination of CCS, ICSI and Fast Cooling Vitrification.  Doctors using these techniques have reported fantastic results for their patients. 

Doctors use CCS so that they can screen embryos for chromosomal abnormalities.  This way they can identify the healthiest embryos for IVF transfer.  For women who have used CCS before IVF, some doctors report the following:

  • Women ages 35-37 had a 78% chance of a healthy pregnancy
  • Women ages 38-40 had a 68% chance of a healthy pregnancy
  • Women ages 41- 42 had a 62% chance of a healthy pregnancy

In addition, how embryos are frozen seems to make a difference in the chances of a future pregnancy using IVF.  When doctors cool the embryos using a slow freezing procedure, the best results are a 70% embryo survival rate.  With the fast cooling procedure embryos are cooled within seconds, and often experience a 95% success rate.  This is great news for couples who are looking at multiple rounds of IVF.

In addition, many men are opting for ICSI during the IVF process as well.  Doctors carefully select and inject one healthy sperm into each egg during this procedure.  Being able to select the best sperm samples and being able to make sure the sperm reach their destination has great results as well.  There are doctors who report a 75-85% success rate using ICSI.

All the above is definitely welcomed news in the world of IVF!


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