How to Check Your Cervical Position

If you are actively trying to get pregnant, you may want to include BBT charting and tracking your cervical mucus as part of your TTC plan. Both of these methods help to pinpoint ovulation so that you can make sure to take advantage of your fertile window.
Another method that works in the same way is paying attention to your cervical position. Throughout your cycle, your cervix will change in its shape and position. This information, in conjunction with your BBT charting and cervical mucus will give you a pretty good idea of when you are about to ovulate.
During most of your cycle, your cervix it closed and low. When you touch it, it will feel like the tip of your nose.  Then as you get ready to ovulate, it starts to rise and soften a bit. At this point in your cycle, it will feel like your lips.  This happens because of the increased estrogen in your body at this time of your cycle. By the time you ovulate, your cervix will be very high (you will probably not be able to reach it), and very soft and open. This is so that the sperm can easily enter and reach their final destination! J
To check your cervix, find a position that is comfortable for you. Some women check while sitting on the toilet or with one leg up on the bathtub. Others find it most comfortable to squat. Many women also work it into their morning routine by checking once they get out of the shower. You can feel with one finger or two, depending on what works for you. 
If your morning temperature has risen, your cervical mucus is stretchy like egg whites and your cervix is high, open and soft…… you know that you are about to ovulate! Light a candle and spend some quality baby making time with your partner!


If your temperature has risen you have already ovulated. If you are ttc, hopefully, you and your husband already had sex recently.

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