Home Pregnancy Tests

Home Pregnancy TestsTest strip, midstream or digital? 

Your choice of pregnancy test is definitely a personal choice, and one that you probably don’t discuss much with your friends. 

It is true that all home pregnancy tests serve the same purpose: to measure the hCG levels in your urine and confirm pregnancy. That being said, it seems like there are many different testing theories and strategies.

Since all tests are about 97% accurate, it seems like it shouldn’t really matter what kind of test you use: test strips, midline test strips or digital.  However if you are like me, you have the testing dance down to a science by now.

My plan tends to look the same month after month. I start at about 9 days past ovulation by using a sensitive testing strip. I like the kind that you dip into the cup and then let dry. I make sure to use my first morning urine, and will continue to use these testing strips until the day I am supposed to get my period.  Then on that magical day, I let myself splurge on a digital test. I seem to need that satisfaction of seeing the word "pregnant" or more likely "not pregnant" at that point in my cycle.  I usually use the digitals every other day until I get my period again.

What is your testing routine?


My last period was January 16th and I've taking two pregnancy test and they both came back negative. I've had alot of signs of being pregnant. My breast are swollen and sore also I've been constipated having lower stomach pain like cramps, also heartburn and nausea at night. Also I'm have colostrum coming out of one of my breast if I squeeze on it. I've been peeing a lot as well my nipples seem larger and I've been fatigued and having headaches. Do you think they are false negatives results? Also I have been taking the generic one dollar pregnancy test compared to ept . Should I get a different brand? Do you think I may be pregnant?

Anonymous — Feb 14, 2012
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ive been ttc for well over a year now. i am 23 years old and my husband is 30. we have a beautiful 2.5 year old son. I missed my period on may 14th, and my last period started on april 10th 2011. I have tested 3 times and they were all negative. I have slight crapming which seems to originate in my abdomen, but it also seems to be in my back a little bit, but that might just be referred pain. i also have an increase in vaginal discharge. theres really no color to it, but it has a very mild smell. I havent experienced any burning or itching tho. I was wondering if u think i may still be pregnant even tho i tested negative...

Anonymous — May 19, 2011
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