Hobbies and Fertility

As I wrote the title of this article, I had to laugh because trying to become pregnant feels like a hobby sometimes! :)

So, I was doing a little more reading on the dangers of lead when trying to conceive and I found a couple of interesting little tidbits!

There are many hobbies that are potentially harmful to the fertility process. Among them are:

1. Stained Glass- Lead is often in the glass casement; and the dust created when you sand or mold it can be a hazard. Also, careful that the color products used are not lead based.

2. Painting- Again, paints contain many chemicals that can wreak havoc with fertility, so try to use natural vegetable based pigments. Also, use latex and stay away from oil based paints.

3. Pottery- Pottery materials often contain metallic substances and the vapors and dust from the glazes could also potentially contain lead. Also, the gases that are released when the clay is fired is of concern of you are trying to conceive.

4. Photography- The chemicals used to develop film may put your reproductive system at risk, so try to use premixed solutions, cover your solutions when not using them and avoid direct contact.

I am sure there are many other hobbies that have a high risk for exposure to chemicals and gases, but these are the 4 that jumped out at me!

Happy hobby searching!!!

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