HIS Biological Clock

Looks like men can hear the tick tock of their biological clocks as well! :)

Doctors believe that a women’s biological clock really begins to wind down in their 30s. Interestingly, they also now believe that a man’s sperm motility drops .7 percent each year between the ages of 22 and 80. Because of this, the ideal time to become a father is in their 20s sand 30s.

In addition, sperm counts decrease as a man gets older and they are at a greater risk of fathering a child who may suffer from schizophrenia, autism and Down syndrome. Studies consider an “older” man as one who is at least 40 years old.

We have heard that autism has increased 40 percent over the last few years. And we know that couples are waiting longer to have children….. doctors aren’t sure if they are related, but it is interesting to think about!!!

Researchers believe that the man’s “biological clock” stems from the copy error theory. Over a man’s life, sperm continues to replicate itself and eventually runs the risk of mutating.

So men, make sure you keep your sperm at top condition! :)

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