His and Her Fertility Yoga

Stress at work, stress with family, stress with TTC…..

Doctors are more frequently suggesting fertility yoga as a great way to reduce stress and increase reproductive health.  Interestingly though, it used to only be encouraged for the woman.  Now doctors are recommending fertility yoga to men as well!

We have always read that for women, yoga relaxes the mind and body and increases blood flow.  As time has gone on and more studies have been done looking at the effects of yoga on the TTC journey, we have also found out even more. 

For women, yoga instructors teach breathing techniques and postures that strengthen the reproductive system.  This is effective because the postures increase blood flow throughout the endocrine system which is where the hormones are housed.  With the extra stimulation to the hormones, the ovaries are jolted with an extra boost of oxygenation.  This gets the woman’s body awake and ready for conception!

For the men, there are postures and breathing techniques that will not only help with decreasing stress, but increase the blood flow to their fertility related body parts.  Smile

Together, yoga could help couples be amped, pumped and ready to conceive!!


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