High Fat Foods and Fertility

Ice cream, whole milk, cream cheese, sour cream……. could be just what the doctor ordered in terms of getting pregnant! 

The Harvard School of Public Health published these very results the journal, Human Reproduction. They found that women that enjoyed 2 or more low-fat dairy foods a day were 85% more likely to experience ovulation related infertility.  This was compared to women who ate less than one serving a week.

In addition, if women ate at least one serving of high-fat dairy food each day, they had a 27% lower risk of anovulatory infertility.  This group of women was compared to women who ate only one serving or less of high-fat dairy food each week. 

When researchers looked specifically at ice cream, they found that women who ate ice cream 2 or more times a week had a 38% lower risk of ovulation problems.  One of their theories was that high-fat dairy foods have higher estrogen concentrations, which may impact ovulation.  They also said that after women become pregnant, they should go back to a healthy lifestyle that includes low-fat dairy foods.   

So if you are TTC, enjoy a bowl of ice cream tonight!!!!  :)  



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