Herbal Supplements and Sperm Health

Careful with herbal supplements................
Did you know that if you are trying to get pregnant that there are some common herbal remedies/supplements that you should stay away from?
Here are 3 of the supplements that you should avoid if you are actively TCC (trying to conceive).

  1. St. John’s wort- Many people take this supplement to help minimize the effects of depression. However, there are studies that show that St. John’s wort actually changes the DNA of sperm in an unhealthy way.


  1. Echinacea- This supplement is often used to help ward off colds and illness. Doctors warn men against taking echinacea however if they are actively TTC. This herb can change the shape and makeup of the sperm, making it hard for it to push through the egg.


  1. Gingko- This herb is used for many different medical conditions, but again if you are TTC, you will want to avoid it. It has the potential of causing harm to overall sperm health.

So, if you are trying to start a family and are taking any herbal supplements, make sure that you let your doctor know!


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