Have You Ever Had a False Positive on Your Pregnancy Test?

false positive pregnancy testsAfter months and months of trying to get pregnant, you finally get that BFP!!!  The pure joy, happiness and elation can’t even be described.  You immediately picture yourself holding your new little one, kissing the top of their soft head.  It is a warmness that fills your heart.  A feeling that can’t be duplicated.

Then imagine, a week later having this all taken away from you in one devastating moment.

If you talked with your TTC friends, you are sure to find someone who has experienced this. Or maybe it has even happened to you.  One of the hardest and most heartbreaking moments during the TTC (trying to conceive) journey is when you end up with a false positive pregnancy test

It is definitely an experience that knocks you over.  You want to know how you could have possibly gone from being pregnant to getting a BFN is such a short time.  You want answers, even though they won’t help the heartbreak.

Although there are many different possible reasons, there are a couple that tend to be more common than others.

One reason could be that you were actually looking at the evaporation line on your pregnancy test.  It only takes a few minutes for this to happen.  It is common to leave a negative pregnancy test on the counter to come back to it 5-10 minutes later only to find a second line.  Even though the second line is there, it is still the same negative pregnancy test.

I think the most emotionally taxing experience of getting a false positive has to be when it is a chemical pregnancy.  I only say this because it is hard to know that you were able to get pregnant, it was just that the body was not able to support the pregnancy.  There are a myriad of reasons for why it happens, but it is still hard to swallow. 

My fingers are crossed for all the active TTC’ers out there that this month your BFP sticks and you are soon able to celebrate the arrival of a new little one!


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