Guided Imagery

If you are interested in guided meditation, Belleruth Naparstek’s Help for Infertility guided imagery CD may be of interest to you!!!

I found the CD on for $19.98.

The CD is 75 minutes long and is broken up into 4 different parts:
1. envisioning successful fertilization
2. repeating calming affirmations
3. general coping and respite from the many fertility procedures
4. helping with grief and reclaiming your life

Belleruth Naparstek has a very relaxing and pleasant voice and the CD has gotten great reviews. This is only one of the many guided imagery CDs that she has created. For those struggling with fertility issues, her reducing stress and healthy sleeping CDs may be helpful as well!!

Visit our community and let us know if you have used guided imagery as part of your TTC journey and how you feel it worked for you.

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