Fun Fact About Sperm!

Sperm and SemenWhat percentage of semen is actually sperm?

A. 1-5%
B. 10-15%
C. More than 50%

If you guessed A, you were right!!!

Can you believe that only 1-5% of semen is actually sperm?  The next question is what makes up the rest of it, right? 

The other 95-99% of semen is made up of a thick fluid that allows those mighty sperm to swim to their destination.  This messy concoction is made up of fructose, proteins, minerals and vitamins. 

It is even more amazing to know that given the small percentage, the typically healthy male still releases 200-300 million sperm with each baby making opportunity!

If the topic of sperm comes up at your next Trivial Pursuit party, you are all set!! LOL!


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